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Working With ANSI In Your Script

MILC supports colorizing your output with ANSI colors. You can colorize the text both for log output and when cli.echo()ing directly.

Colorizing Log Output

If you are using the built-in log facility it couldn't be easier- just add curly-braced delimited color names to your log strings. They will automatically output color or not as appropriate.

Colored Log Example

cli.log.error('{bg_red}{fg_white}Could not open file %s!', filename)

Colorizing Printed Output

You can use cli.echo() to print strings to stdout in the same way as cli.log. Just add the ANSI token below to your string to colorize your output.

Colored Print Example

text = '{bg_blue}{fg_white}|___|\\___|{style_reset_all} ' \
       '{bg_red}{fg_white}SHARK ATTACK!'

Available Colors

Colors prefixed with 'fg' will affect the foreground (text) color. Colors prefixed with 'bg' will affect the background color. The included milc-color command will show you what the colors look like in your terminal.

Color Background Extended Background Foreground Extended Foreground
Black {bg_black} {bg_lightblack_ex} {fg_black} {fg_lightblack_ex}
Blue {bg_blue} {bg_lightblue_ex} {fg_blue} {fg_lightblue_ex}
Cyan {bg_cyan} {bg_lightcyan_ex} {fg_cyan} {fg_lightcyan_ex}
Green {bg_green} {bg_lightgreen_ex} {fg_green} {fg_lightgreen_ex}
Magenta {bg_magenta} {bg_lightmagenta_ex} {fg_magenta} {fg_lightmagenta_ex}
Red {bg_red} {bg_lightred_ex} {fg_red} {fg_lightred_ex}
White {bg_white} {bg_lightwhite_ex} {fg_white} {fg_lightwhite_ex}
Yellow {bg_yellow} {bg_lightyellow_ex} {fg_yellow} {fg_lightyellow_ex}

There are also control sequences that can be used to change the behavior of ANSI output:

Control Sequences