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Configuration Objects

class Configuration(AttrDict)

Represents the running configuration.

This class never raises IndexError, instead it will return None if a section or option does not yet exist.


def __getitem__(key: Hashable) -> Any

Returns a config section, creating it if it doesn't exist yet.

ConfigurationSection Objects

class ConfigurationSection(Configuration)


def __getitem__(key: Hashable) -> Any

Returns a config value, pulling from the user section as a fallback. This is called when the attribute is accessed either via the get method or through [ ] index.


def __getattr__(key: str) -> Any

Returns the config value from the user section. This is called when the attribute is accessed via dot notation but does not exist.


def __setattr__(key: str, value: Any) -> None

Sets dictionary value when an attribute is set.

SubparserWrapper Objects

class SubparserWrapper(object)

Wrap subparsers so we can track what options the user passed.


def completer(completer: Any) -> None

Add an arpcomplete completer to this subcommand.


def add_argument(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None

Add an argument for this subcommand.

This also stores the default for the argument in self.cli.default_arguments.


def get_argument_strings(arg_parser: Any, *args: Any,
                         **kwargs: Any) -> List[str]

Takes argparse arguments and returns a list of argument strings or positional names.


def get_argument_name(arg_parser: Any, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Any

Takes argparse arguments and returns the dest name.


def handle_store_boolean(self: Any, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Any

Does the add_argument for action='store_boolean'.