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MILC Metadata

In order to initialize some things, such as the configuration file location and the version number reported by --version, MILC needs to know some basic information before the entrypoint is called. You can use cli.milc_options() to set this information.


from milc import cli

cli.milc_options(name='Florzelbop', version='1.0.0', author='Jane Doe')

You should only do this once, and you should do it as early in your program's execution as possible.


If you have spread your program among several files, or you are using milc.subcommand.config, you need to use cli.milc_options() before you import those modules.

Custom Loggers

You can also use this to pass in custom loggers.

from milc import cli

from my_program import custom_logger


Deprecated: set_metadata()

Earlier versions of MILC used milc.set_metadata instead. This is still supported but will throw a Deprecation warning.