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Read and write configuration settings

def print_config(section, key)

Print a single config setting to stdout.


def show_config()

Print the current configuration to stdout.


def parse_config_token(config_token)

Split a user-supplied configuration-token into its components.


def set_config(section, option, value)

Set a config key in the running config.


@milc.cli.argument('-a', '--all', action='store_true', help='Show all configuration options.')
@milc.cli.argument('-ro', '--read-only', arg_only=True, action='store_true', help='Operate in read-only mode.')
@milc.cli.argument('configs', nargs='*', arg_only=True, help='Configuration options to read or write.')
@milc.cli.subcommand("Read and write configuration settings.")
def config(cli)

Read and write config settings.

This script iterates over the config_tokens supplied as argument. Each config_token has the following form:


If only a section (EG 'compile') is supplied all keys for that section will be displayed.

If section.key is supplied the value for that single key will be displayed.

If section.key=value is supplied the value for that single key will be set.

If section.key=None is supplied the key will be deleted.

No validation is done to ensure that the supplied section.key is actually used by a subcommand.